Waiting for sunset

There’s just something about the Noosa National Park, even on the most miserable of days (of which there are only a few) it gives off an aura that makes you never want to leave. Sunday afternoon (Mother’s Day) was a bit flat, but enough cloud to offer something for a spot of long exposure work on the rocks past Tea Tree, or so I hoped. Regardless, the swell was good and the point had a good smattering or surfers, with the beauty and tranquility of the park, the gentle breaks of the ocean on the rocks it was one of those perfectly harmonious moments to just sit, contemplate and watch.  

Published in May

Found out this afternoon that three of my recent images, all made in Noosa, are published in the new edition of Fine Eye Magazine, an Austrian Fine Art Photography Magazine curated in Vienna. The magazine has previously featured my work, at the end of last year, but it’s always a good to have some validation that what you create is of value and respected by your peers. The link to magazine website is below, please pay it a visit and support Stefan and his team. 


Here are the images featured in the May edition of Fine Eye Magazine,

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