The Dark Sea

Granite Bay is about midway along the coastal track at Noosa National Park, several hundred meters past the always popular, (because it’s stunning) Tea Tree Bay. It had been just over a year since my last purposeful visit. Last time I was a little disappointed, predominantly because of the clear blue skies (unsurprising perhaps given where I live) but I much prefer sky’s that have some oomph to them!  This time I felt I had better luck with the sky and even though I’m happy with the four shown here, I think it’s a nailed on certainty there is much more to be gotten from this spot! 

These are the handful of images that I was pleased with, converted to monochrome in Capture One and can be seen in full resolution in the Noosa - In Mono gallery. All are available as prints or under Rights Managed Licenses, just get in touch.

Published in March

It’s always good feeling to know that your work is seen as being worthy enough to be published or bought, competition is always very strong and cannot be stressed enough how important is to get your work in front of interested people. The internet is saturated with images and standing out, or even creating something that is different from the norm is extraordinarily difficult. 

With that in mind it’s extremely pleasing to know that already in March I have two images featured in the forthcoming March publication of Fine Eye Magazine. The magazine can be purchased here and I have no doubt Stefan and his team at the magazine would value your support. 

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