I remember buying my first 'proper' camera in 1998, at Cairns airport, after spending a couple of months on the east coast of Australia, I'm not sure why I didn't think to buy one at the beginning of my trip but there you go! Obviously in 1998 it was a film camera and I thought if I just used fuji velvia all the time the results would be awesome....immediately. It was very frustrating to discover that this wasn't the case.

When I moved from the UK to Wellington NZ in 2001, my ability had arguably improved a little and I'd graduated to using other film types too. However, around 2005, after being shown the magic of a 4mp Nikon a cousin of mine was using at the time I moved over digital (an emotional wrench much like giving up vinyl for CD's) 

My first love (photographically) has always been landscape and seascape images, and the discovery of the website ArtLimited changed my view of how a photograph could look, how something magical, surreal and altogether different could be achieved (check out my p/f here). And this has been my goal since, to create images that are not just of the place, but can appeal to the imagination.

So this is what I do, I predominantly make long exposure landscape and seascape images. I've sold images to people from all over the world, I've had my images used many times as the cover artwork on internationally published novels or used through agencies as rights managed stock photographs.

I'd love to talk to you about collaborations, projects, prints, exhibitions, 1980's US punk, (got to love the Dead Kennedys and Big Black), commercial licences or anything else. Just not AFL or League please, I just don't get them at all, sorry!

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